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New Maserati Coupé GranSport

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Look at this site :

remember my last message:
...I will not invest into new add-ons. I will wait for a new one. My dealer said me the Trofeo Stradale will be announced at the Geneva Show in March: sportier suspension, brakes, tires and interior, 150kg less (?!), 20hp more...
I have an option for the first car in Switzerland for July this year!...

I will take it in mettalic-red (customized paint same as the red Honda CBR 1100) with beige/black interior... I hope the price will not be too high ;-)
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I really liked the synthetic material. It is very soft and makes the sport seats even more comfortable. The blue is ugly though. The black is a much better option. Look at the MC12 interior shots on the maserati websits. that is the black interior. I really liked it. The car is like a stradale 360 version of the maserati coupe. Very sporty. Less elegence. Seeing I am a racing fanatic, I love the way the interior looks. I am getting mine in the fuji white (which looks very opal/artic silver) with black leather and black "synthetic" fabric. Very hot!. The new coupe spy pics don't look so great. It will look like a baby quattroporte with the front lights and grill. This is a sports car, should look more agressive. As for the horse power increase, don't expect too much in the new car. Ferrari will use a bigger version of the coupe's engine and gearbox and tune it up to close to 500 HP. But dont' expect the coupe to follow suit. I think it gets a derivation of the gransport/quattroporte engine no more that 420hp.
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F1, SwissMaser: Thanks for the information, perhaps the material is more comfortable than I thought.

F1: Where are you getting your information from? Did you see the same spy pic as I did - in the recent C&D? Also read/saw their blurb about the modest increase in power, but I am a bit skeptical of their claim. If there is only a 20-30hp increase in power for the next-gen, I would be a little dissapointed (I am assuming the car will get bigger and heavier for it's next iteration)...[/img]
Thanks - I saw these a while back. However, the spy pic I am referring to (and I think F1 as well) was shown in C&D. It basically looked like a 2-door quattroporte. The front end was heavily taped up, but you could make out the QP lights and grill. According to them, it's not just a facelift, but an entirely new platform (again based on the QP) that replaces the aging platform the current coupe is based on. I don't mind if the next-gen looks like the QP, but would like to see a more significant HP boost before I get too excited...
It looks like Maserati is progressively moving forward with its lineup. Im looking to lease at the end of this years. Right before the revised body style. Well, Thats why I Lease!!

Im really looking forward to this car.
I think they're working on changing the wrong area of the car. The strong points are the front and rear views. Naturally, the pics show changes to the front end.

IMHO, the car looks as if it is too 'chunky' in the hips. Adding some styling lines or insets/flares to the rear quarter panel would do wonders for the car.
I've read that the next generation Maserati is going to have both a different look, changes to the front esp. & more ane eingine with more horsepower.

If a new engine with substantially more hp is due out soon, it would seem strange that they would introduce the Grand Sport without this new engine.

Wouldnt the Grand Sport with say an extra 60-70 hp create a more distinctive difference between the two models?
GregD said:
If a new engine with substantially more hp is due out soon, it would seem strange that they would introduce the Grand Sport without this new engine.
Keeping interest in the current cars is especially important with early 'announcements' of upcoming model changes - the spy shots reach a much wider audience than Jim Dunne's pictures ever did.

In 1996, the new Corvette was coming out and GM was worried about sales of the current model tailing off. They came out with two special models and a one-year high performance engine. I still have my Grand Sport (see the irony here). It's a wonderful car with a loyal following.
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