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New Maserati Coupé GranSport

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Look at this site :

remember my last message:
...I will not invest into new add-ons. I will wait for a new one. My dealer said me the Trofeo Stradale will be announced at the Geneva Show in March: sportier suspension, brakes, tires and interior, 150kg less (?!), 20hp more...
I have an option for the first car in Switzerland for July this year!...

I will take it in mettalic-red (customized paint same as the red Honda CBR 1100) with beige/black interior... I hope the price will not be too high ;-)
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Folks, check your emails for a pic in the latest Maserati newsletter- very nice looking. If you are a registered Maserati owner, you can get more details on the website. Looks very nice IMO
Very Nice!!
19's make a huge my opinion
Anyone know what the price tag on this beauty is going to be?
The Maserati website now has info on the GranSport with pictures! Interesting interior...hmm. Not sure if I like the door sills add ons.
However, Love the start button & 10 more hps.
What's more interesting is the cambiocorsa program in sport mode with "automatic heel and toe on downshift" and different exhaust note. The 19" wheels look nice too!
Maserati Coupe Now or Maserati Coupe Gransport Later?

Will the opinionated please weigh in?
I like the more aggressive look a lot. 10 more hp can't hurt either. I want to get a test drive when/if it becomes available.
My dealer can have one for me for July. No official info about the price but the sales say about 20'000 Euro more than the Coupé. It is too much for so small add-on. I will probably change for a brand new Coupé CC lowered with a Tubi.
I agree, 20k Euro more is pretty damn steep for what you are getting. That is getting pretty close to SL55 and CL55 territory - both those cars are absolute rocket GTs. If this figure turns out to be correct, I will probably pass as well...
I am on the list for one as well. But my guys in the US have no idea about pricing yet. When you say they said 20,000 Euros more than the coupe are you talking about 90,000 Euros total?
The coupé CC is about 91 k€ (141 kCHF) without options and the GranSport will culminate around 115 k€ (180 kCHF).

The coupé is a great car, IMHO the 20 k€ can be used to delight your wife :twisted: or to tune up the car with a "bad" exhaust, stiffer suspension and race brakes (TubiStyle, Leonardo, Modena Performance...)
The Gransport will be at the NY auto show in early April - good chance I will be going. Hopefully I will be able take (and post) pics...
Man, I just saw the Gransport presentation on the maserati site. That car is beautiful. I like the body work, it looks agressive yet flowing.

I would be suprised if its $20,000+more than the Coupe. Thats roughly 25% more than the standard model.

I will be curious to see how the interior looks. One of the things I really like about the coupe is how your wrapped around leather.

I read that its 10mm lower than the standard model. I wonder what the handling differences will be.

man, I cant wait to get the hell out of my current lease.
I am trying to get more info from my dealer about this model - definative pricing, availability, etc. I was sick for a few days and missed the New York Auto Show - bummer bummer.
I am on the list for one and hence got a personal preview of the car during the new york auto show. It is wild! inside is laced with carbon fiber all the way down the center console back to the air vents in the rear seats. The steering wheel is extra thick. The high technic fabric looks insane throughout. The car is much more impressive that the regular coupe and has a big presence. It is much better in person than pictures can do it justice. I can't wait to get mine. My dealer says it should price in aroung $100,000 depending on the Euro. Italy has not decided on the price yet but does not want it to be too far off the quattroporte as that is its prized baby. tell you soon when my dealer gives me more info. or when i get it.
I am also "wait listed" for the GranSport but am finding it very difficult to wait. 20% above current coupe prices is also what I'm hearing. I absolutely love the 19" Trident spoke wheels, though, and am wondering if anyone knows if this is an option currently available? For those who have made the modification to 19" wheels, how would you describe the change in driving comfort? Thanks
I am interested too. The 19" inch wheels are fantastic looking - but I am worried a bit that the lowered stance, stiffer shocks and lower profile rubber will provide an overly harsh ride. I would definately need a test drive before I consider buying.

Formula1: regarding the interior, what is this "high tech" fabric that Maserati keeps talking about? What does it feel like? Is it soft? Maserati describes it as "nautical" - which leads me to believe it might be a little abrasive to the touch. Thanks in advance...
I touch it during the Geneva auto show: it is a synthetic textile with untight, large and soft fibers. It seems very delicate (risk to pull a fiber, to clean). I hate it. The rest of the interior is very nice, mainly the carbon additions. The back of the front sporty seats are recovered by this fabric.

I do not like at all synthetic material like alcantara or this fabric. I prefer leather, wool or cotton.

The price premium is too high. I will wait for the next real Coupé model (more horse-power).
Interior options

I would suspect you can customize the interior any way you want if you pre-order a car.

If you dont like the "nautical' materials I'll bet you can have regular leather installed. They indicated on the site that Maserati is very accomadating to personalizing the vehicle to the customer's preferances.
I asked about customization to my dealer... The plant was OK for leather and outside color in the Maserati range but not to remove the fabric. But if you put the price... Maybe. That was my problem: high price for some options I do not like. I keep my money and my beautiful Coupé.
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