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I thought I'd join up here after being exposed to Maserati from time to time on FerrariLife.

I hope to lurk and learn about these beautiful cars, Maseratis, and maybe add one to the stable some day. They've grown on me.

Last weekend in Woodley Park was a French/Italian car show (in the Valley) and I got to sit in a vintage Maserati Ghibli. I believe it was a 1972 model, the last year of the Ghibli.

What was initially a beautiful, if not slightly odd, car, became fabulous once I sat behind the wheel and took it in. What a neat car that was. So I'm onto them.

I also like the newer Maserati GT, the one with the Ferrari/Maser V8 of the F430 (I hope this is correct). There were a couple of those at the show as well.

Anyway, cheers, all ;)
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