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Hi, I'm brand new to this I just bought a 2011 QTP S with fewer than 25k miles. Perhaps someone can advise me about getting the rear center headrest to stay up. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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Congrats and welcome! No guidance on headrest, sorry...
Thanks for the greeting; I'll keep looking!
Italian cars have their peccadilloes...but I think you'll find many of us love them (well, at least I do) in no small part due to their quirks...
Welcome to the forum. Your acquisition sounds great. A photo or two would be helpful for us to understand your level of excitement😂. No experience yet with headrest issues, or any other significant ones for that matter. Hope it stays like that. There is a lot of past discussions about a large range of issues forum members have found; perhaps a few searches on that topic might be helpful too.
Enjoy your times here and your ride👍
So can you describe the headrest fault? When you push it back up….what happens? Did you buy it with it down, use the button and now can get it back in to position? Did it fall down of its own accord?
Yes, lets see some pics! This happened to me once when i accidently hit the headrest down button instead of the fuel (which I still don't understand it's intent)...and really it just randomly fixed itself after many tries to get it back in the up position.
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Many thanks for the reply and interest. The headrest was down when I purchased the car. After reading about the operation, I learned that the lock is electromagnetic. I have attempted to get it to stay in the up position many times. I have held it in position for 30 seconds several times. I estimate that I have attempted to get it to stay in place at least 30 times.The only clue I have is that the button apparently is functional, as pushing the button causes a resounding "click". I'll assume that if it will finally stay up, pushing the button will release the lock and allow it to drop. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Could be a sticking button
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll explore the possibility that the button doesn't fully disconnect.
Do your buttons have the "stickies". If so, it could be binding down and not fully popping back up. Also, this button uses a pad not a spring. If the pad cracks, again, may not release. But that is a bit more uncommon. Just a thought.
The buttons show evidence of being cleaned, and the rest of the buttons on that panel function adequately. I will investigate further to see if your thought is right, because the headlight switch sticks a little when turned and the fog light switches need a little coaxing to turn on the lights. I suspect that the previous "sticky" remediation may be the culprit. I will post any results.
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