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New GS owner, some basic questions...

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I picked up a new GS a couple of days ago on my way to buy what would have been my 6th Porsche.

Loving it (of course) but relatively ignorant about this car, and particularly the F1 tranny - great but need some time to get used to the concept.

Some basic questions:

* Exactly when would the CC decide to shift into Neutral? I know it happened to me a couple of times during the test drive, salesman said it was something like 10 seconds after being off the brake pedal, but lots going on at the time and I don't remember the details.

But it's got me somewhat paranoid driving in traffic, can it shift into Neutral, for example, when crawling at a couple of mph without gas or brake pedal input during bumper to bumper traffic, or slowly advancing to position for a left turn at a big intersection?

Or is it only after getting off the brakes after a full stop?

* In regular city driving I hear a non-engine sound, appears to be from the passenger rear area, which is like something rapidly spooling up or down according the car speed. Not a bad noise, just curious as to what it could be.

* Haven't had to put gas in yet but the setup seems exrtemely prone to gas drops dripping into the bodywork when removing the nozzle - any tips on this?

* Hearing conflicting opinions on the need to break in a Ferrari engine, comments?

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks Andrew.

The following will cause the system to go into "N" on its own, but you should do it yourself by pulling both paddles as good habit.

1. The brake or gas pedal is not pressed for 6 seconds
2. The brake pedal is pressed for 10 seconds
My concern is that the car will jump into N unexpectedly while driving in traffic, or about to make a left turn, etc.

Should I find myself in a situation where the car is not at a full stop (rolling at a low speed) and the tranny goes into N, would I need to just touch the brakes to be able to paddle up to 1st again or does the car want a fuller brake engagement?

Seems like a recipe for getting rear-ended, hopefully I am just thick-headed and not understanding things well.

BTW, I don't think that the car really goes to N after 10 secs on the brakes, that would have caught me at many red lights yesterday.

Really enjoying this car!
Thanks, and congrats on your Coupe!

I would guess that the "lunge" is a matter of familiarity, I feel more competent on it already but then who am I to talk since I've only had this thing for a few days.

One thing is abundantly clear to me by now though, a tight downshift is really fast and rewading with the cambio, every bit as much as with a manual.

Now I just need to smoothen the upshifts and get comfortable with my fear of this thing leaving me in neutral at a bad traffic moment...
Wow, thanks for the info, much appreciated.

Where in Switzerland are you at? I lived in Geneva & Gstaad for about 6 years as a kid, but in the US now.

Oh, and I did read the manual front to back the first day I had the car, but some things were less than clear.

Thanks again!

P.s.: I should know this, but exactly which oil is used from the factory?
My GS seems to be identical to yours - same color ext & interior, red brakes.

Options are (reading from the sticker):

"Powered HI FI"
Brake calipers red
CD changer
Park Distance
Alluminum passenger foot rest
Skyhook suspension
Rear wing in carbon fiber
Xenon lights

Outside of the skyhook I don't think I would have ordered any of the others if I were ordering on spec.
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An important point that still confuses me:

So if one is slowly rolling in traffic and after 6 seconds of no brake / throttle input the tranny goes to N - one has to press the brakes to re-engage 1st, correct?

If this is the case I hope the lightest touch can suffice.
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