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prestonrich said:
I am very seriously considering buying an '02 Spyder CC this month. I have located a black '02 w/15k miles for $50k. The car is in another state, and I'm not sure how to get the clutch/F1 pump objectively evaluated, etc. The combination of year, money and color seems about right. The car will be my daily driver and will replace my black '05 BMW Z4 steptronic. I drive 50 miles a day in the Washington DC traffic--my previous 911 w/stick drove me crazy in the stop-and-go traffic here. My wife will drive the CC as well and can't drive stick. The other option I'm considering is a red '98 Ferrari 355F1 for $85k, but I'm concerned about the daily driving and much higher maintenance costs. While I love my Z4 I'm looking for something more exotic as a daily driver. Also I don't believe the older Astin Martins (which I'm also considering) come in automatics. I've had Porsches and Merz's which just haven't done it for me. As a newby here I'm looking for comments/suggestions before making this move.

You can get the clutch evaluated at a Maserati dealer if there is one near where the car is located. I have to agree with the others on the board, though, if you do 50 miles of stop-and-go traffic, you will probably not enjoy the cambriocorsa. It doesn't really like 1st gear, and that N-1-2 shifting will wear on the clutch. The same would apply for a F355, but replacing the clutch and/or pump will run you even more $$.

If Porsche and Mercedes are out (wouldn't consider a CL55 AMG? they depreciate quite a bit too) and you are looking for something your wife can drive as well, I would definitely consider AM DB7 as most of them did come with automatics. In your price range, that would be a '97ish model. However, some caveats:

1) They are almost all convertibles
2) They have no rear seat to speak of
3) They are the V6 supercharged models, not V12

Also, like someone else suggested, I would include the previous generation of Jaguar XK on your short list. You can get a pretty late model ('04-05) convertible or coupe at your budget range.
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