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This should help the Maserati brand here in the US
Call_Solutions rings up sale of Maserati

By Thomas A. Kvamme, The Scope
On a cold windy Thursday morning across western North Dakota indoors, away from the elements, was a pretty good place to be.

For most it would be just another day at the office.

However, a flurry of activity indoors at the Williston Call_Solutions Teleservices Center provided a whirlwind that stirred up some heated excitement.

We had an opportunity to be on location and take in the excitement first-hand.

In a matter of just 23 minutes 60 special edition Maserati Quattroporte automobiles, valued at $125,000, were sold as orders from across the country were confirmed.

You can add to that at least 14 on the waiting list.


Operators were on duty at the Williston and Glendive, Mont., centers for this special promotion of the Neiman Marcus limited-edition 2005 Maserati Quattroporte.

Featured in the Neiman Marcus magazine, the promotion was set up and was previewed on the Today Show prior to the sale.

A special 800 number was listed in the catalog and web site directing a buyer to the Williston office.


At 11 a.m. Thursday, more than 40 operators were poised and in position in Williston to accept orders for this special edition on a first-come, first-served basis.

Calls came into the center from across the country, including New York to Los Angeles and from way down south to Texas.

With a limited number of only 60 automobiles available, a $5,000 deposit was required to reserve a prize.

Once the list was complete, that information was forwarded with all sales to be conducted solely by authorized Maserati dealers located throughout the U.S.

A limit of one vehicle per qualified retail customer was offered, with no dealer purchases permitted.


We spoke with a Ferrari/Maserati spokesperson direct from the home office in Englewood Cliff, N.J., following the sale and he was elated.

"We considered it a great success," was the report we received.

That spokesperson noted this year they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ferrari in the United States and America has played a big part in the Ferrari story.

He added it was nice to see the different way Americans continue to play a role, pointing out that on Thursday it happened in Williston.

He also acknowledged this was a small part of a very long and colorful legacy.


The spokesperson informed us that in under three minutes they had requests for all 60 automobiles.

Mark Hardy, president of the Inbound Contact Centers for Call_Solutions, told us they have had a lot of high profile sales over the years, however this was as exciting as it gets.

"Our reputation for quality and responsive service is what got us the account and we have been able to maintain that high level of service," said Hardy.

Hardy attributes the work ethic and dedication of his employees, along with the teamwork involved to support a program like this.

He added, "it takes everybody to make it happen."PERSONAL DESIGN

For this one of a kind creation by legendary designer Sergio Pininfarina, he outfitted this automobile much like he would his own personal driver.

Pininfarina, who has long designed the Ferrari line, was called upon to make this a once in a lifetime experience.


Once the switch for the phones had been turned on, in Williston alone, 26 calls came in during the first minute.

That led to more than some 50 calls in a period of one minute at both centers.

Hardy told us this was the most expensive automobile Neiman Marcus has featured in a catalog.

While the calls came in, one could only wonder who was on the other end?


Plans call for the automobiles to be built in February, with delivery scheduled to begin in April.

The spokesperson noted each automobile has an owner when it is built.

We have learned that the closest dealers to us are located in Minneapolis and Denver.
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