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Need Some Maserati Votes

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We are running a Poll over at Ferrari Forum on general Sports Car preferences. The link is:

so far Maserati has 0 votes but deserves a lot more. Help ?
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Vote Maserati for me..

I don't feel like joining that board but please vote Maserati for me.

However, I must quantify that. A Maserati is perfect if yo4AD
u want a beautiful, affordable, practical exotic car that can seat 4 and be driven daily. The style and performance for the money can't be beaten.

If money was no object and I wanted a toy exotic other than Ferrari, I love the AM DB9.. or a LAMBO. I don't think the Maserati can compete with a 200K - 300K car.

I do not have tons of money to burn and I DO LOVE my Maserati..

CM, I am afraid I am only allowed to vote once so I can not place a vote on your behalf.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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