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Hello people..
I'm new here, and looking for some help.
I can see this site is so useful for maseratis owners..
Lately i've crashed my maserati
and I need help where I can find some parts online..
I attached pictures for my maser, before and after the accident :cry:

I'll start with the list (DON'T KILL ME :lol:)


Front Left Side; * - Right Left Side;
Upper wishbone * - Upper Wishbone
Lower wishbone * - Lower wishbone
ASC Switch + Connection arm * - ASC Switch + Connection arm
Brake Calipper
Stablizer Support
Axle carrier
Brake Calipper pipe
ABS Wire with sensor
Brakepad Wire

Rear Right Side;
Upper Wishbone
Lower Wishbone
Shock Absorber + Sring + Strutmounting
Suspesion Tilting Rod
Brakepad Wire

Oiltank Hose
Radiater AC
Radiater Engine
Airtfilter Cover
Engine Crossmember
Control Rod
Steering rack


Anyways, I'm looking for great brake upgrade, ailfilter, suspensions, and few more things..

I'll appreciate it, thanks all..


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there is an Italian Recyling outfit in the Sacramento/Rancho Cordova area of California. Last time i checked, they had 2 Coupes which they were parting may be able to find most everything over there....

they often sell on ebay, ...

the area code of that area is 916

hope this helps....

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Yeah there's a Maserati dealer in kuwait, but it's so expensive here, it'll cost me more than a new car's price .. anyway.. No it's not about racing in park lot, it was on the sea-road drivin' round 80, and water on the street, before i pass the water, this laydee crashed into my maserati from the back so i went over the grass instead of crashing who's in front of me..

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Isn't the lady's insurance company (or herself) responsible for this damage? Go with the dealer if they are!
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