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my opion only, I wouldn't buy one of those boats..always a problem with them, unless you just like to tinker with things...John Gallo
Absolute BS. I've owned 2 QP lll and used one as my daily driver for 3 years.
They are great cars, it's 5,000 lbs of get the F*&@ out of my way. One of the most comfortable cars you'll ever drive, I'd go so far as to say that it more comfortable than the current QP V, which is a comfortable car. It is a great cruiser and handles well for size and age. It will out handle any of its contemperaries from that era.

They have 3 weaknesses. Front suspension: early springs weren't strong enough. Easy way to tell is the space between the top of tire and the body. If the body covers the top of the tires, it could use new springs. At that point you should also replace the front bushings as well.

The next area is exhaust, its just expensive and 25 years old. The electrical system can also do some weird things mostly with the central locking system and the relays.

Other than that they are reliable. The engines are bullet proof (as long as maintained) and the tranny is a Chrysler unit and the rear has Jag gears. AC & Heating are great. Beware that the front windshield is also heated so a radar detector & Garage openers have limited range.

If I ever run across another one at the right time, I'll probably buy it.
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