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Need advice re: whether to buy a 2006 GrandSport

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I'm looking for a second car and was settled on a Porsche 911 until I found that the Maserati GranSport is not the outrageously expensive car that I had assumed it to be. I love the way the 2006 GS looks and I would prefer to have a car that I'm not going to see in every third driveway in my neighborhood, but I have read a couple of posts that make me a little nervous. Specifically, comments about the GS transmission.

Why do people advise against using reverse to the extent possible and against using the "auto" button? And what is it like driving the GS in the city (stop and go)? I read that "stop and go is not your friend". Unfortunately for me, almost all of my driving is in the city.

I appreciate any advice.
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First off, once you drive the Maserati (much less own it) you will become quickly osessed. The looks you get from people is very different than a 911 or Cayman. People assume you have magabucks when they see the elegance of the lines and read the Maserati badge. I can read people's lips behind me when I come to a light... "What is that? .... Ohhhhh Maserati" Camera phone pops out.

Next, the car is quick as sh*t and if you're brave enough to drive it without the traction control (please DON'T until you learn the car), you're in for a wild ride!

The clutches seem to wear a little faster than true manual transmissions but the Cambiocorsa F1 gearbox is a BLAST. I personally think the clutch wears from people playing with it so much. Expect about 15-20k miles for replacement (some get much more). A computer clutches, shifts and lets the clutch out for you so in an effort to make non-sport mode shift smoother, there is some clutch slippage as you shift. Sport mode shifts very fast so is better on the clutch. Auto mode is a joke. It's a program to try to "smoothly" shift as you go. LOTS of slipping in this mode!

Remember this car is a true Ferrari at heart. The engine is based on the F430 V8 and the transmission is Ferrari F1 all the way. It simply can't e compared to a 911.

Welcome to the board! :)
Man I totally agree the looks you get from people and the class of the car is amazing I had one for about 4 months last year then just recently bought me a spyder its yellow :)- and when I drive this car I turn more heads than when a 360 drives by no joke def get this car all of us owners know that the actual cost of owning one is alot less than people who dont own one always say I was a chicken too and was like omg I will have pay sooo much but its not true at all you find a good independent shop and you go from there its sooo dam fun driving these cars you just have to have one to know as a matter of a fact I cant wait till this weekend to go around driving with the top down...
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