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Need advice re: whether to buy a 2006 GrandSport

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I'm looking for a second car and was settled on a Porsche 911 until I found that the Maserati GranSport is not the outrageously expensive car that I had assumed it to be. I love the way the 2006 GS looks and I would prefer to have a car that I'm not going to see in every third driveway in my neighborhood, but I have read a couple of posts that make me a little nervous. Specifically, comments about the GS transmission.

Why do people advise against using reverse to the extent possible and against using the "auto" button? And what is it like driving the GS in the city (stop and go)? I read that "stop and go is not your friend". Unfortunately for me, almost all of my driving is in the city.

I appreciate any advice.
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Just buy one already!! You'll find lots of reasons why you shouldn't but your heart is still screaming YES! If you buy the Porsche, the first time you stop at the lights and there is another one next to you (and there will be), you'll look at them and smile. They won't smile back.....they'll think your a weirdo. That'll never happen in a Maser.:)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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