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impex4 said:
I just got my '05 GT back from FM of NJ last week, nice people & service.

One of the items fixed was changing the italian voice to English (I dont have the 'setup' disk).

Now when I use the navi, the voice has all the distances wrong...for example it will say " In one mile..." when it clearly says on the screen "250 yds." or "370 yds." The distance of 250 or 370 yds. is correct but the voice has the distances all wrong.

Has anyone else experienced this problem??
Your dealer can fix this problem - or at least fixed it in my QP with a software reload. However, the problem is that after this is fixed you will still have the world's worst navigation system in one of the world's coolest cars and it will frustrate you on a daily basis and detract from your ownership experience. If the nav function is important to you even a little bit go buy a new little portable device and forget you even have on in the car. Notice on this board that some people don't care for the gearbox, some find the grow to love it, some love it from the beginning; etc. But notice that not a single Maser owning human even attempts to defend the Nav unit. I heard that the even Nav unit designer's wife won't even sleep with him anymore.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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