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dubrillantes said:
I'm sorry about the quattro. I did not realize that until you mentioned it. I'll never call it 'quattro' from now on. :)
Anyways, the quattroporte is a Neimann Marcus edition. The color is almost like a 'spilled wine - merlot'.
The grille is not standard; although I would've preferred the standard one. Surprisingly, it looks nice in person. I'm planning to do a grille upgrade (just like the quattroporte) on my coupe. I'm still keeping the old one, just switch them from time to time.

With regards to the rims on my coupe, it's custom made 19" rims. I had my coupe lowered for an inch... the rims and tires fit perfectly and I think it made a lot of difference in terms of appearance.

I'll post interior pics soon.
great looking car(s).
I have an 05 QP, same color and interior combination as your NM edition(except mine has Rosewood and I belive the NM is walnut?).
However, I like your mesh grill more than the standard. Want to trade?

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