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My QP on A&E

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Hi Guys,
Something weired happened to me today. Probably not too exciting, but I need to share it anyway. I have been downtown with the car today for an appointment and parked on 2hr zone on the street. When I returned to the car after 4 hrs. I saw about 10 people surrounding my car. At first I thought, oh s*%@, either I am getting towed, or a wheel-lock installed. The closer I get to the car the more suspicious it looks, until finally I see a camera pointed at the car and in the back of the car I see a guy in a black suit with shades. I unlock the car and jokingly state that I want a license fee for that show. The camera guy turns and profusely starts to appologize. I go "don't worry that's cool. What you guys shooting." He goes we are doing a Cold Case Episode and needed a good foreground for the first scene and that was by far the best looking car downtown. You can imagine my pride and ego. We start to chat a little and he goes you know what can the actor open the door and pretend to get in. SURE THING.
Anyway, I gave him my card and the camera man will let me kow the air-time, which I am going to share. Should I call MNA for a advertising contribution? :)
Anyway - I just had to share, with all other cars I ever had, MB's BMW's Porsches that never happened to me - ever! Pretty cool.
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Very cool. Was this in Miami?
Nope - Ft. Myers of all places - Go figure.
Ah, just north of my house in Bonita. Not seen a lot of Masers, but Porsches are down right commonplace.
that is awesome

defintiely let us know when it airs!
My GS on TMZ..

This is the GS i bought recently, apparently Frankie Muniz traded it in for a Benz.
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