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My fiist Maser

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Dear all,

I have just bought my new car ::) a Maser CC 2003.
I sold my 996 Porsche for this Maser, I hope it is fine on reliabily point of view!
I don't know if there are many French on the site, I guess not but I live in GD of Luxembourg, and bought it to one the Local Maserati dealer Berloti. (2 Maserati dealers for a country of 450K Poeple).:rolleyes:
Mileage 34.000 Kms, Black nerocoarbonio, inside what the french call "Cartier", a mix of 3 different color, Beige, Cuoio, on seat & dashboard, with special Chocolat Carpet. Skyhook, Navigation.
I asked for a Stainless exhaust Syst which will be not a tubi, as it seems to be the case in the US, but a Quicksilver system ( the local Maser dealer maintain the warranty for this exhaust).
I was concerned by the level of use of the clush, (49.7% as per the Maser software) seems correct.

As soon as pictures are availble I will post it on the forum.

thanks to all;)
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congrats! sounds like a very special looking car. enjoy!
Bonjour, Luxcar.

Sounds like a great car - can't wait to see your pictures.

Is Luxembourg liberal with speed or do the police come down hard if you put your foot down?
Luxembourg is not very hard, but as we get 12 points on the licence, we have to protect it. But Gernany is very close from the Luxembourg City (35KM) so it is quite easy to drive fast.

I am also enjoying my first Maserati. In addition to my 2003 BMW V8 ALPINA ROADSTER (260/555) I purchased a new 2005 Quattroporte (Bordeaux Pontivecchio/ cuoio). Just took it out of winter storage and looking forward to enjoying my second summer. Toured the factory in Modena last July with my husband-had dinner with the president of Maserati while there.
Ejoying every mile!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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