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More Pics!

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I got more time today so i popped over at lunch and took a long long look at the car...

she is such a beauty... and yes, the seats are nice... freaking nice.

Honestly if anyone who is planning to get one... get the carbon pack... u will not regret! :D


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really nice car! I just picked up my bianco fuji/black gransport a few hours ago!
already had the kids in the back and went for a blast!
maseratifan said:
already had the kids in the back and went for a blast!
Yep, a perfect car for driving kids to school and soccer... Can fit two kids on the back too.
very nice vincent!
this will stand out in a sea of porsches in hk!
love it epecially thoe dark wheels! Are they painted are powder coated?
I suspect it's powder coated...

sticker on the MCV? u mean the price or the number?
love those Sparco front seats and the fender shields... simply amazing!!!

There's plenty of leg room on the back seat for the kids...


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True for Sofia, now let's see Javier! :D
Vincent said:
sticker on the MCV? u mean the price or the number?
In the US, all new cars sold by the dealers must display a label on the windows, this label is required by federal law. It shows the base price, the manufacturer’s installed options with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, the manufacturer’s transportation charge, and the fuel economy (mileage).

The sticker price is what you would pay for the car before tax, assuming if no discount is applied to it.
Steeldream said:
True for Sofia, now let's see Javier! :D
:D ...plenty of room for both ...Javier is the guy wearing the Maserati polo shirt sitting next to Sofia. Actually the rear seat is quite confortable compared to other coupes... the BMW 6 series for instance...

Come on Vincent... bring us more pictures!!!
gransport13 said:
what is the sticker on the mc victory
MSRP $ 108760.00
Prep/Delivery $ 300.00
Gas Guzzler Tax $ 3000.00

Powered Hi-Fi $ 855.00
CD Changer $ 810.00
Carbon Kit MCV $ 2750.00
Park Distance Control $ 635.00
Alumininum Pass. Footrest 650.00
19" Ball Polished GS Rims 485.00
Special Items(????) 1031.00
Xenon Front Lights 1260.00

SubTotal $ 120,536.00
Destination Charge $ 1350.00

Total $ 121866.00

Paid Cash $ 129782.00
(Price paid includes all taxes, licence, fees,tag,title,dealership admin fees, etc)

My MCV Gransport is 092/180
Delivered 08/12/2006

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saanik said:
Special Items(????) 1031.00
Other people can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think "Special Items" are just options that they could not fit onto the sticker. They lump the rest of the options into one line, "Special Items".
congrats saanik! love to see some pics as well!
yeah saanik pictures please....especially the "Alumininum Pass. Footrest"

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