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We recently installed a Formula Dynamics ECM and DBW upgrade on a Maserati GT-S. One happy owner. Contact us if you'd like us to tweak your modern Maserati to optimize and realize the full car's full potential.

Sales blurb from FD:

" The DBW in your GT-S will help release noticeably more low end torque / throttle response, faster shifting and improved gear selection in Auto mode. The High Power ECM changes the air / fuel ratio and ignition timing to produce more power and torque. So they are actually different modifications. Adding them both is really the best course to get a really noticeable improvement.

" Both the DBW / ECM mods really don't have a downside. Your car is essentially capable of more and it's de-tuned a bit. We are bringing the programming up to the full spec of what the car is capable of achieving and we're optimizing it for 91 to 93 octane fuel knowing that an owner such as yourself will always put quality fuel in the car. Maserati has to allow the car to accept even 87 octane since it's possible that an uneducated owner may actually try to use that!"


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