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My GS Spyder is now totally groovy man!

Just completed the install of FD: DBW, Air Filter, Springs, Spacers and Larini De-Cats. These mods were great individually (as frequently noted here) but when they are teamed up they transform the car and deliver a truly exhilarating driving experience (as bigfoot and a few others have shared).

DBW - goes without saying, true transformation and release of the cars inner spirit.

Springs - very comfortable (even on our pock marked MI roads)! They change the cars persona, providing a new level of confidence and competence. However, the direct install of the springs lowers the car approx 1" and IMO makes it visually awkward. Adding the spacers (15/25) gives the car conspicuous "attitude" and hints at whats lurking beneath.

De-Cats, Air filter - A very healthy, deap inhale and exhale. At idle/low RPM a harmonious purring and throughout accelearation (in sport mode) an intoxicating growl. I was concerned about the sound being tinny, abnoxious and grading...definitely not. I have personally found the "pitch" more comfortable in sport mode than standard (I kept the factory boxes) from an aurel and conversational perpective.

IMO, this is The Package from an ROI perspective financially, aesthetically, aurally and delivering a very cool driving experience.

BTW, the guys at Street Legal Customs in Royal Oak, MI have been great with the installs! Great service, meticulous and real car enthusiasts.

Thanks Jeff and thanks to all of you for sharing your experience and insight!

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Sounds like a great result. Glad we were able to help!

It is amazing how well these cars do with just a few key upgrades!

Best Regards,
-- Jeff
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