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Mates I am confused I don't know what to get, I go for Mille Miglia or Larini?

I tryed Tubi alone, then I went to straight pipes with tubis !
after that I sold my tubis, so I used the stock mufflers with the straight pipes but it wasn't loud enough, so I removed all the cats even the 4 after the headers, and I made straight pipe from the headers to the mufflers, and it sounded so loud like a monster, I liked it but after a while I could'nt talk on the phone while I am driving and everytime I start the car, i wake up the whole town.

so I returned the 4 cats after the headers, so now I am using straight pipes from the centre section to the rear (no back boxes, only tips) but I don't feel it is powerful as it used to be with the tubis.

I need something different I wanna go for Mille Miglia or Larini, but this time I am looking for high pitch sound, with the tubis you can only hear the high pitch sound at high rpms, so anyone is running straight pipes with larini or mille miglia?

(and yes, btw when I used straight pipe from the headers to the rear, it sounded good and when you shift sometimes you can see the backfire from behind not only hear it, it even can spin the tires even when you're on the 3th or 4th gear so I guess it gained lots of power without the cats! but the problem is I get pulled over, every time when I see a cop hehe)

Now I have straight pipes for the mid-section same as the one at Larini's Site, so what do you think I should go for with the pipes? Mille Miglia or Larini boxes?
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