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82 views and only 1 reply?!?!? I thought you guys might have some good answers for me...guess not!
Ocamilo, I haven't responded because it looks like you are looking for support in trying to find a way to hang this on the mechanic/shop and I personally don't agree with that thinking in this scenariio - at least with the information given.

As mentioned, the heater core/exchanger is way down the road from the radiator. You definitely can't push the issue that they caused the new problem as they weren't in that area. And I don't know how you could prove that the heater core was leaking immediately after the replacement of the radiator, thus justifying that the shop should have caught it. Did the new radiator and associated hoses replacement aggravate a potential problem in the heater core? Possible, as you have 44K miles (I believe) on your car, and as some have experienced - putting new components that raises pressure - whether fluid, hyd, et al - in an old "settled" system is likely to cause something else to give to relieve that newfound pressure. (Research what the F550 owners go through when they replace coolant hoses...)

BTW - here is a comment by Kent Woodworth with regard to getting to the heater core.
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