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As some of you might recall I had the radiator replaced in my Spyder a few months ago when I bottomed it out on a parking block and cracked it. Since I've been away from the car for the last few months it hasn't seen much action. A car buff friend of mine is trying to help me sell it and when he took it out for a test drive the other day he noticed a faint engine coolant smell. This raised major red flags as I just shelled out $3+ grand to have the whole radiator replaced.
Are you sure it is a coolant smell?
These cars are prone to spilling windshield washer antifreeze when making a hard right hand turn. The windshield anti freeze smell then wafts into the passenger cabin.

Can you re-produce the scenario where it makes the smell?
Did you pressure check the cooling system to see if it holds pressure.
Did the engine compartment get soaked when the radiator leaked, and now that coolant is burning off, and the smell going into the passenger cabin.
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