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I have a Maserati magazine collection that I would like to sell. I plan on putting a ad on ebay in the next few days, but I wanted to let some folks that love these cars have a look beforehand.

Here's what I have:

Viale Ciro Menotti--the magazine for maserati enthusiasts-- that came with a membership to MIE.

33 issues dating back to 1979

The earliest is March/April 1979 and there are six like this until March/April 1982.

They start in earnest with issue #43 from 1985 and the last issue I have is #70 from 1996.

There are also 17 "Market Letters" from those dates that contain car values and tech information. There are also a few pull out posters mixed in with these.

There are 7 membership rosters from 84,86,88,90,91,92,93

1 Automobile Magazine Sept. 1988 on Maserati
1 Pirelli Concours Italiana Program from Carmel/Pebble Beach 1993

These are absolutely pristine condition and look brand new. From #43 to #70 I am missing 3 issues...57,62,63. I would like to sell these as a collection and not individually. I went to the MIE website and these are selling for between $15 and $25 per back issue.

If you are interested please make me an offer or bid on ebay. I just would like them to go to someone who will appreciate them. I can provide photos of everything if need be.

[email protected]
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