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MC20 Delivery Date discussion

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Who in here have actually ordered a MC20 and what delivery dates were given to you by your dealer?
I have an allocation for one which is supposed to arrive in Sep/Oct 2021. They will start building it in March is what I was told. I did get an email directly from Maserati about my order confirmation.
I have seen it in person and it looks stunning. I believe it will surprise a lot of people and will make you rethink Maserati.
Please feel free to share your thoughts / experience and what you think about the car? I think it will be a much more exclusive car for a while as I was told that only 450 are being made for 2021.
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Still waiting (and hoping) for the Spyder version.....
My car is finally here 🙏 and is now going through PDI at the dealer.

Personally, I'm still deciding between the new C8 Z06 and the MC20.

However, now that Maserati has just announced the new MC20 Spyder version, it's made the decision even harder. 😣
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Seems consistent here in Australia, was told April/May 2023 for orders now. If the production is this slow for coupes how on earth will they get the convertible out? No idea how the future hybrid and then full electric version fits in either.
You can always bet that there'll be ones available on the used market....but you'll be paying massive markups for it! Lol.

But it's not just the MC20.......anything that's even remotely popular nowadays is hard to get thanks to supply chain issues and chip shortages.
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Still no pics of anyone’s cars? Has anyone in this group received their car yet? My dealer received their first car last week. I was only told that I’m next, whatever that means. At this point, it would sit until April anyway… status has been “In production” for many months.
If I'm not mistaken, I think Dane is the only one here who got his so far. He posted a few pics a couple weeks ago.

My local dealer also delivered their first MC20 recently, but from what I was told that customer immediately flipped it and made almost double what he paid for it! Frickin' crazy!
I didn’t see Dane’s pics; I’ll go back and look. What market are you in where they doubled? Near DC here and they put $50k markup on it. Offered to me for $40k over but it wasn’t the config I wanted. I think it’s been there a month unsold at $50k over.
I'm in the Chicago area. We have some crazy folks here with big pockets but not much else. Lol.

Personally, I would never pay over sticker on any mass-produced vehicle.

The MC20 is a great car, but not above sticker. If it was limited production, say limited to 1K or 2K, then I would understand why people would pay well above sticker for it.

Once this car bubble bursts and the economy starts to skid, it'll be inevitable that people will be having a hard time trying to unload their MC20's at even MSRP.
Has anyone heard anything different? My dealer is dead silent on the issue but a few other dealers are stating the delays are legit.
With the chaos that's going on in Europe, I would think about a plan B.
What’s going in in Ukraine is atrocious and I know better than most, however, the Italians aren’t going to stop working because of it and their 3rd party suppliers aren’t from that region. It’s basically like saying the cars produced in Mexico will be affected by cartel issues in Columbia…..just not a thing.
The world economy is global and supply chain issues affect EVERYBODY.

Also, ever heard of chip shortages?

I know guys who ordered their Land Rover Defenders more than a YEAR ago and still haven't gotten it.
It sure is but none of your stated issues are Ukraine driven. That issue is very recent and it impacting supply(yet). The 6-8 month delay was rumored prior to the invasion. That’s my point. Chip issues and supply issues are a completely separate issue.
If the war in Ukraine spreads (and it definately can), then it'll affect everything. Russia supplies a good chunk of the world's oil and gas, esp. Europe. This is needed for auto fuel, jet fuel, etc. So of course transportation will be affected. Russia also supplies a good portion of rare Earth minerals needed to make computer chips. If they shut it down, watch out.

No country functions in isolation in the 21st century. They're all interconnected.

Global economic collapse is coming sooner than you think.
Oh good lord, lol. None of your stated comments have anything to do with my original post but please continue; it’s quite an interesting read.
Here's something interesting. My local dealer told me that if I order a MC20 now, it'll be a 3-4 year wait.

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