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MC20 Delivery Date discussion

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Who in here have actually ordered a MC20 and what delivery dates were given to you by your dealer?
I have an allocation for one which is supposed to arrive in Sep/Oct 2021. They will start building it in March is what I was told. I did get an email directly from Maserati about my order confirmation.
I have seen it in person and it looks stunning. I believe it will surprise a lot of people and will make you rethink Maserati.
Please feel free to share your thoughts / experience and what you think about the car? I think it will be a much more exclusive car for a while as I was told that only 450 are being made for 2021.
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Cars are supposedly finally being delivered to customers. Anyone got one yet?
I have seen a few videos online of cars being delivered to dealers in Europe. 0 information as to an exact arrival of cars in the US );
The dealership 1st told me nov. or dec. which then changed to jan or feb.. most recently it has changed to sometime in 2022. I called Maserati USA and was told everything has to go though the dealership.
Yesterday at my dealership: two new customer cars arrived and are waiting to be picked up. Simply a brilliantly beautiful super sports car. All those who have already ordered one can be very happy!

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almost to sexy to drive :)
thats sick!! when was your ordered? are you on the west coast of east coast? what color did you order?
I am on the east coast also.. would be greatly appreciated if you can post any updates so I can hound the dealership. I have a blue one on order as well. I think it makes the natural sexyness of the car pop more then any of the other colors
just emailed my dealer and was advised that they have not heard anything official as of yet. so guess we shall see.
mine was already on order but the person that it was ordered for changed his mind and I was able to put a deposit on it. I have heard nothing as far as production starting on it as of yet.
My dealer called yesterday and said I should be looking at late Oct/early November. Let’s go!
for delivery or production?
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thats alot more then I can get out of them.. everytime I reach out to them its the same thing nope they haven't heard anything official from maserati but they will contact me as soon as they hear something.
My dealer has been in touch to say that my UK car is built but currently held at the factory along with some other UK cars. Not sure why but he says it's showing arrival in the UK on 8th October.
Lucky you!! what color/specs did you select?
I have a blue one on order with the same interior as your and other options as you have selected plus the upgraded sound system.. the car was already on order for someone else that backout of the car. I wasn't about to wait 2 years to order one which I have been told is the current wait time.
would be greatly appreciated
Lucky!! still no confirmed US delivery dates
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Still nothing? Has anyone had theirs delivered or been given a better update than "scheduled for production"? I t will be nice to see these start hitting the streets.
still nothing. I have asked two different dealer ships that I deal with and they have no clue other then sometime next year.. one of the dealers the owner has a car on order and the system says they started working on his car back in July and nothing else since. Don't think it helps that they have recalled the car for an issue that can cause a fire. no clue how that might effect things
lucky!! as of last week my dealer is now saying april or may of next year. guess it will give me time to pay off the 2020 aston martin vantage I just bought :love::love::love:
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I've been told it currently is about a 2 year wait for US customers wanting to place orders
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atleast here in the US the MC20 is a very special car. the corvette very common
Has anyone heard of a potential 6-8 delay based on 3rd party supplier issues?
6 to 8 more months for the next round of deliveries?
I've heard nothing from my dealer other sometime in 2022
Finally!!! I got my MC20.
same color as the one I have on order.. did you receive any notice? as far as production has started or its here come pick it up?
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