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MC20 Delivery Date discussion

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Who in here have actually ordered a MC20 and what delivery dates were given to you by your dealer?
I have an allocation for one which is supposed to arrive in Sep/Oct 2021. They will start building it in March is what I was told. I did get an email directly from Maserati about my order confirmation.
I have seen it in person and it looks stunning. I believe it will surprise a lot of people and will make you rethink Maserati.
Please feel free to share your thoughts / experience and what you think about the car? I think it will be a much more exclusive car for a while as I was told that only 450 are being made for 2021.
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I ordered last Sept. I was notified by my dealer 3-4 weeks ago that I could get the car in late Q4 if I removed the carbon fiber roof from my build. I wanted the roof so they tell me it wont be delivered until likely March.
I've heard that 400-450 number for 2021...the real question is, is that world wide produciton or just US deliveries? Any source to confirm how many are coming to US/North America?
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