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MC20 Delivery Date discussion

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Who in here have actually ordered a MC20 and what delivery dates were given to you by your dealer?
I have an allocation for one which is supposed to arrive in Sep/Oct 2021. They will start building it in March is what I was told. I did get an email directly from Maserati about my order confirmation.
I have seen it in person and it looks stunning. I believe it will surprise a lot of people and will make you rethink Maserati.
Please feel free to share your thoughts / experience and what you think about the car? I think it will be a much more exclusive car for a while as I was told that only 450 are being made for 2021.
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Bianco Audace with blue calipers, blue interior, suspension lifter, heated seats, headrest stitching, auto dimming mirrors, mirror birdcage wheels, ELSD, and blind spot alert.

I believe #58 in ordering system but who knows. They initially told me July delivery but I’m thinking October so I don’t get too anxious.
Where is everyone located? Northern Virginia here....
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I ordered in body color.
Same here with no issues or restrictions
What I know so far...
My car: Grigio Mistero with Carbon roof (note when you order the car, there we’re some options that weren’t on the online configurator.
Date Order was Placed: Last October.
Price: Sticker, although Fiat group allows dealers to price vehicles as they see fit.
Delivery: I was originally told Q4, and the GM doesn’t have any updated ETA although he routinely checks with corporate. I was also told that it doesn’t depend upon when the car was ordered (I was pretty early in the queue, as they hadn’t even completed the east coast tour of the car), but that production would depend more upon the color you ordered and how many were ordered; I.e., they’d produce all the white cars, then grey cars (wishful thinking on my part), and so on, so it could be a wait if you drew the wrong stick on color.
Production: I was told 300 to 400 estimate is 150 come to the US based on the number of dealers here and dealers getting an allocation of 0 to 4 cars depending upon size of dealership (some averaging). I was also told earlier this month that due to the low vol that the chip shortage shouldn’t be a factor (fingers crossed). Car has been sold out world-wide for several months.
Personal: I haven’t been this excited about a car in 20 years and find myself feeling very lucky to have secured a car, especially as I had no businessman or person relationship with the dealer prior to the MC20.
Interesting and maybe lucky. I filled out an application and listed the four previous models that I had purchased. I assumed it was a customer loyalty thing and have heard a few Ferrari guys that were upset because they didn't get an allocation. Glad you made the list!
I read somewhere (sorry; forgot where...) that the Modena plant at Viale Ciro Menotti has the capacity to produce 1500 cars per year, so very likely that production will move towards that figure once all the planned variants of the MC20 (coupe, roadster, and EV) have been launched.
I read the same and some of the production videos that have been released stated 5-6 cars a day which comes out to almost 1500 with two week plant shutdown for holidays. Maybe closer to 1200-1400 if they don't get to 6/day target.
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My dealer called yesterday and said I should be looking at late Oct/early November. Let’s go!
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for delivery or production?
He is saying delivery but TBH; I always thought December. As you all know, the updates aren’t great. They told me a few weeks ago that my next update would be “In transit to Subsidiary”. I expected better and more frequent updates.
thats alot more then I can get out of them.. everytime I reach out to them its the same thing nope they haven't heard anything official from maserati but they will contact me as soon as they hear something.
Yeah, the updates have been scarce and they blame it on Modena. It’s all good; it will take a week or two to float over anyway. They did get my car cover in. I plan to pick it up this week when I drop my GT off for service. I’ll post a pic once I get it.
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My dealer has been in touch to say that my UK car is built but currently held at the factory along with some other UK cars. Not sure why but he says it's showing arrival in the UK on 8th October.
Did your car get delivered? We info?
Its still held at the factory along with other UK cars :(

Not sure whether its waiting for semi conductors or some other issue.
Still nothing? Has anyone had theirs delivered or been given a better update than "scheduled for production"? I t will be nice to see these start hitting the streets.
First US customer car arrived a few days ago at Criswell in Gaithersburg, MD.
Yes, I will post pics soon.
Did you pick up your car yet? My car’s stays is “in production” but it’s been in that status for months. Hoping to get in next 30-60 days.
What are your order numbers? My status has been “In production” for months and have no idea when it is coming. A few dealers have cars trickling in but only one has been delivered that I know of.

it would be good to see real owners taking delivery.
Still no pics of anyone’s cars? Has anyone in this group received their car yet? My dealer received their first car last week. I was only told that I’m next, whatever that means. At this point, it would sit until April anyway… status has been “In production” for many months.
If I'm not mistaken, I think Dane is the only one here who got his so far. He posted a few pics a couple weeks ago.

My local dealer also delivered their first MC20 recently, but from what I was told that customer immediately flipped it and made almost double what he paid for it! Frickin' crazy!
I didn’t see Dane’s pics; I’ll go back and look. What market are you in where they doubled? Near DC here and they put $50k markup on it. Offered to me for $40k over but it wasn’t the config I wanted. I think it’s been there a month unsold at $50k over.
Has anyone heard of a potential 6-8 delay based on 3rd party supplier issues?
6 to 8 more months for the next round of deliveries?
Has anyone heard anything different? My dealer is dead silent on the issue but a few other dealers are stating the delays are legit.
With the chaos that's going on in Europe, I would think about a plan B.
What’s going in in Ukraine is atrocious and I know better than most, however, the Italians aren’t going to stop working because of it and their 3rd party suppliers aren’t from that region. It’s basically like saying the cars produced in Mexico will be affected by cartel issues in Columbia…..just not a thing.
The world economy is global and supply chain issues affect EVERYBODY.

Also, ever heard of chip shortages?

I know guys who ordered their Land Rover Defenders more than a YEAR ago and still haven't gotten it.
It sure is but none of your stated issues are Ukraine driven. That issue is very recent and it impacting supply(yet). The 6-8 month delay was rumored prior to the invasion. That’s my point. Chip issues and supply issues are a completely separate issue.
If the war in Ukraine spreads (and it definately can), then it'll affect everything. Russia supplies a good chunk of the world's oil and gas, esp. Europe. This is needed for auto fuel, jet fuel, etc. So of course transportation will be affected. Russia also supplies a good portion of rare Earth minerals needed to make computer chips. If they shut it down, watch out.

No country functions in isolation in the 21st century. They're all interconnected.

Global economic collapse is coming sooner than you think.
Oh good lord, lol. None of your stated comments have anything to do with my original post but please continue; it’s quite an interesting read.
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