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MC20 Delivery Date discussion

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Who in here have actually ordered a MC20 and what delivery dates were given to you by your dealer?
I have an allocation for one which is supposed to arrive in Sep/Oct 2021. They will start building it in March is what I was told. I did get an email directly from Maserati about my order confirmation.
I have seen it in person and it looks stunning. I believe it will surprise a lot of people and will make you rethink Maserati.
Please feel free to share your thoughts / experience and what you think about the car? I think it will be a much more exclusive car for a while as I was told that only 450 are being made for 2021.
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Must be a car that they ordered for some customer as dealers are not supposed to get any inventory.
Congrats! Please share some details about the car you have ordered.
Thanks. I have ordered a yellow one with blue brake calipers along with the signature blue launch interior with full carbon pack. Also added the suspension lifter, limited slip differential, sonas faber upgraded sound system, heated seats, blind spot alert and sports steering.
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The dealer I spoke with in September guessed that the coupe would be available at dealerships by the end of 2021, and quoted me +$20k over MSRP.
If you were ordering it then they shouldn't have asked you for anything over sticker. Now that the preorders are closed dealers will be asking over sticker.
what has everyone else been told about deliveries??? Any idea on total cars for the first year?
Dealer is still saying September delivery but honestly I don't think they even know. I was told 450 cars for the 1st year. What color did you order?
I placed my order the day after the release and just heard from my dealer that I am moving to production. He is telling me Sept/Oct for delivery. I’m actually thinking it will be closer to Christmas. 🤞🏼
That will be a wonderful Christmas present then(y)
Bianco Audace with blue calipers, blue interior, suspension lifter, heated seats, headrest stitching, auto dimming mirrors, mirror birdcage wheels, ELSD, and blind spot alert.

I believe #58 in ordering system but who knows. They initially told me July delivery but I’m thinking October so I don’t get too anxious.
Where is everyone located? Northern Virginia here....
I am in GA.
Wingless ARIA Carbon for MC20 - for those who are more discrete. Available at
Looks good (y)
Finally, I heard from the Maserati factory for the first time since ordering my MC20. I got a nice letter from the factory welcoming me to the family and they sent me a beautiful print that is peal white matte color like the car. the letter also said said they would be following up regularly with updates once production starts.
I got one of these as well. Nice sketch 👌
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It seems like Sweden and Belgium are one of the first countries to receive deliveries. My dealer told me that my car is finally in build stage and would probably be done next month which means that it may arrive by the end of November 🤞
My car just cleared and is arriving on Thursday (y)
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My car is finally here 🙏 and is now going through PDI at the dealer.
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awesome Dane...posts pics
Yes, I will post pics soon.
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Congratulations, BluMC20. The more you drive this car the more you appreciate it. Its an excellent daily supercar. Enjoy
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