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There are a few of these left over, so I'm posting this just in case anyone here is seriously interested in one.

There is a track day scheduled for June 14th for potential buyers, at which you will be riding with Andrea Bertolini, and you will get to meet with the Maserati Corse team, as well as any current MC12 Corsa owners that attend.

MC12 Corsa refresher:
The inspiration behind this model was the MC12 GT1 "Short Nose", winner of the FIA GT Constructor Championship in 2005. A limited edition of 12 numbered models were built. (I'm not sure how many have been sold up to now.)

The car is not homologated for road use or championship racing; this car can be used (like the Ferrari FXX) exclusively on track during exhibitions or private test sessions.

6L V12
755hp @ 8000rpm
546lb/ft @ 5500rpm
2,535 lbs
6sp sequential gearbox
carbon fiber frame and body

The car comes configured with the official color of the MC12 Corsa: Blu Victory, which can be changed upon request to any other color without additional charges. Options that may be added at cost include shock absorbers with manual adjustable calibration, data acquisition, and yearly technical upgrades from the "R&D Factory Team".

Sales Terms:
Price: 1,000,000 Euro + applicable tax
Down Payment: 30% at time of order
Only available through direct purchase in Italy; Frame #'s 1 & 12, are sold for sure, but I don't have updates beyond that.


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seriously.. they made, what, 399 Enzo's? + 30 FXX's? (all sold out)
and 50 MC12's? (all sold out)+ 12 MC Corsa?
(not exactly sure about those numbers.. but u get the idea)..

the MC Corsa should be all sold out...
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