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Master Maser School @ Road Atlanta + GS Discount

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Just wanted to pass along the note I received from MNA for those who aren't on their list. Something approximaing the Parma driving shool is now running Stateside at Road Atlanta. One- or two-day courses are available, and the two-day course includes a free night at the Chateau Elan near the track. I haven't done the school myself, so I can't endorse it. But they are throwing in a sort of "coupon" for $10k off your next GS! Here's the site:

-- d
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That looks like a fun thing to do. I just did not see the $10k coupon....
the coupon is not posted online. it is emailed out to selected people (most likely if you requested info before).

the catch:
you have to register for the June 1st or June 5th course.
kind of short notice...

"The $10,000 rebate may be utilized toward the purchase or lease of a new Maserati GranSport or Coupe and delivery must be taken by June 30, 2006. The offer is exclusively for you and is not transferable to anyone else, and cannot be combined with any other offer from Maserati North America, Inc. Dealer prices may vary."

i think this is a great offer (for those who are considering the GS seriously).

will this piss off the MC Victory buyers? cos i dont think they will take delivery before june 30th...
I doubt Victory buyers care about a discount one way or the other...
gutelius said:
I doubt Victory buyers care about a discount one way or the other...
how so? any GS owner can pay the difference to get into a GS MCV.
a MCV owner wouldn't be substantially richer than a regular GS owner.

$10k is $10k. (okay, minus the course tuition of $1800 + travel cost).

i'd like to hear from a smart MCV owner who doesn't care about $10k+.

look at it this way, a regular GS and a GS MCV is now $20k different.
do the badges and alcantara and CF parts and mc12 seats add up to $20k?
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