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A 470 HP spyder for 2006? Doubt they will go that high but even at lets say 430 HP or so this car is worth waiting for.
Spy Shot: Maserati Spyder (2006)
The 2002 Maserati Spyder was a complete re-engineering of the Coupe model that evolved from 1997's 3200GT. Maserati - in its first years under
Ferrari's direction - shortened the Coupe's wheelbase to stiffen the chassis and removed its (albeit tiny) rear seats. The result was hailed by 4Car at the time as the Trident's 'renaissance car'. These shots show a prototype of the next all-new Spyder, tabled for launch late next year or summer 2006. According to some reports, the new supercar will ride on a version of the Quattroporte saloon's LM139 platform, tweaked for a sportier ride. That platform may also underpin the Kubang off-roader, though doubts over the 4x4's viability have recently emerged. The non-turbo 4.2-litre Ferrari-sourced V8 will be bumped up to 5.0 litres, says one source, and kick out as much as 470bhp - a good 90bhp more than the current model. The existing Spyder already cracks 60mph in under 5 seconds and can storm on to 175mph, so Maserati is serious with its next drop-top. Although the Cambiocorsa six-speed F1-style gearbox could continue on, rumours have a dual-clutch DSG-style 'box making an appearance within the next two years. Maserati's advanced Skyhook suspension damping should be redeveloped, too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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