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I just had to Post my sincere appreciation of Maserati USA in the replacement of my convertable top. This was done under warranty at no cost to me.

What I noticed today upon reviewing the work order was that they also replaced the Moulding cover above the windsheild where the roof closes o onto.

They also replaced the leather portion of the roll bar seat hoop on the passenger side. This was scufffed when the roof closed wrong and lodged onto the side of it. the scuff was slightly into the leather and about 3mm wide and 1.5 inches long.

I had not expected them to replace these 2 things and had not even mentioned it to FMSan Francisco. I figured I could live with the scuffed leather, and the windsheild moulding was damaged when I bought the car from another person. It appears they surveyed the damages and included it with the warranty work.

this entire occurance has really instilled a sense of pride that I am dealing with a Company who is first class and goes beyond my expectations.
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