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Here's some photos of what I got for my project and still working on..

Here's whats done so far:
1- 19's
2- S.S. Midpipes
3. Tubi Exhaust
4. BMC VAS (twin filter)

and I'm sending my ECU to Kevin\NAPerformance, getting my ECU tuned by Eurotek hopefuly.

and just talked to Alpine, Ordered 6Speakers, and 2Tweeters and 2Crossovers, and SUB+AMP in 1 unit with 850watt I guess.. I mean that's enuff for a small car like a maserati right?

Already customized my interior with 2 colors..

and the car now needs a new PAIT JOB *BLACK* + smoked rear taillights + tint the windows.. and that's it for now! then I'll just be waiting for my new bumpers later.


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