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Maserati Service In\Near London

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Just completed 6k miles on my Coupe, and it is now time for a scheduled service. As I bought the car up north I need to find a service place closer to home (London). Can anyone recommend a particular service shop\dealer over another in the area? I realise that the 6k service is not a big deal, but would like to establish a local contact for future services/issues.
Thanks for your input.
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6K service

IMHO you just need an oil and filter change. Simple DIY job. Keep receipts for proper oil (shell helix ultra) and oil filter from main dealer. Save tons of money and you have the satisfaction of doing the job properly. You can take pictures to show prospective buyers when you come to sell.

As long as you can back up your service history - your depreciation (due to apparent lack of main dealer history) will more than offset the money you save in the long run.

Pilots must visualy inspect the aircraft themselves prior to taking off irrespective of how qualified the ground crew are! So many mechanics (sorry Automotive technicians) dont know much and can cause further problems or invent new ones. Brake fluid change etc.. is not required unless you are using your car only for racing etc.on a track!

Paying a lot of money for something good is different from being ripped off unnecessarily.
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