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Maserati Service In\Near London

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Just completed 6k miles on my Coupe, and it is now time for a scheduled service. As I bought the car up north I need to find a service place closer to home (London). Can anyone recommend a particular service shop\dealer over another in the area? I realise that the 6k service is not a big deal, but would like to establish a local contact for future services/issues.
Thanks for your input.
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I bought and had one service done with Maranello. They are decent and you get a rep to speak to each time (so he knows you). I would say the service is typical UK style; cortious, but pretty useless. I gave them a list of 6 things to fix and the car came back with all but one problem solved (sqeaky speedo casing, sqeaky front suspension, static noise on the speakers etc).

The real test will come this week with a windscreen replacement (QP glass pack - £2600 to replace the windscreen!) and one of the rear breaks grinding on the disk.

- Toffe
For repairs that I need done, I today found out that H.R. Owen's next appointment is 20 November (13 days wait). Considering that I only have three out of four working breaks in my QP, its a long time to wait. Is this usual?

- Toffe
Its not my daily driver, but I was planning to take it out for a few weeks in Europe. My wife isn't impressed with Maserati. Now, its going in to Maranello tomorrow with 11 items on the fix-it-please list.

Should it really be necessary to chase a repair? It would be reasonable for a dealer to have a loaner of some kind IMHO. My solution was that since the car isn't really safe to drive with the brake broken, I am having Maserati assitance take it away and this way I will get a loaner (for maximum 7 days).

- Toffe
My QP has gone in today to Maranello. The Maserati Assistance was booked in yesterday for 07:45 this morning. They showed up at 09:50 and blocked the street for 15min (neighbours, and 5 delivery vans were thrilled).

Now Maranello tells me that the windscreen will only be 50% covered by insurance, although a week ago they assuered me that they had it all set with the insurance company. Apparently Maranello is moving buildings at the moment and "going through a restructuring" and that this will cause more delays.

I still love the car, but Maserati/Maranello/Assistance are not making this easy sailing.

- Toffe
Apparently the crack is due to a stone. Its hard to tell, but maserati will not cover it. Car insurance apparently will not cover it more than £1200 (its a £2600 labour and parts).

- Toffe
Steeldream said:
sounds like you have an internal limit on glass or is the £1400 your excess/deductible.
Yes, something in that nature. What annoys me is that Maranello was supposed to agree with the insurer and sort it out. They confirm to have done it and only once the car is actually in do they actually start finding out.

Steeldream said:
You can also get a glass endorsement to the comprehensive cover that reduces or eliminates the deductible in case of glass breakage. With an expensive exotic that can sometimes make sense.
Excess is £60. I suspect the issue is that no insurer thinking that a windscreen could cost more than £1200. As my friend put it: "£2600 for a windscreen?! My BMW isn't worth £2600!"

- Toffe
For the next service, I will shop around. Maranello and HR Owen's London duopoly makes them offering poor service. I suppose if you flatbed a car for 20miles, its only marginally more time/expense to flatbed it 100mi.

Has anybody got experience with any of these:

Tel:01206 848558 Fax:01206 848550
[email protected]

Tel:02380 283404 Fax:02380 282791
[email protected]

Tel:0121 502 8980 Fax:0121 502 8999
[email protected]
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The end of my QP story after 9 days with Maranello. I got rear pads and disks replaced under warranty. The front suspension sqeak problem was also fixed under warranty; some parts replaced, double wishbone (??). Front windscreen left with a crack because insurance (norwich union) refused to pay.

- Toffe
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