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Maserati Service In\Near London

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Just completed 6k miles on my Coupe, and it is now time for a scheduled service. As I bought the car up north I need to find a service place closer to home (London). Can anyone recommend a particular service shop\dealer over another in the area? I realise that the 6k service is not a big deal, but would like to establish a local contact for future services/issues.
Thanks for your input.
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Why are you having the windshield replaced? Mine fractured when the spousal unit was adjusting the rear view mirror. It came off in her hand along with a chunk of the glass.

Everything was replaced under warranty.

I'm constantly surprised by the differences in British and US policy forms. sounds like you have an internal limit on glass or is the £1400 your excess/deductible.

In the US there are two forms (for at fault states) - Collision and Comprehensive. Collision pays for damage to your car if you caused the accident. Comprehensive pays for "acts of god" and would cover glass breakage due to a stone or other unknown object.

You can also get a glass endorsement to the comprehensive cover that reduces or eliminates the deductible in case of glass breakage. With an expensive exotic that can sometimes make sense.

You might want to check with your agent and see what's available to prevent this happening again.
Toffe said:
Yes, something in that nature. What annoys me is that Maranello was supposed to agree with the insurer and sort it out. They confirm to have done it and only once the car is actually in do they actually start finding out.
that IS annoying. nothing gets my goat faster than being told one thing by the dealer then being told an entirely different and more expensive thing later

Toffe said:
Excess is £60. I suspect the issue is that no insurer thinking that a windscreen could cost more than £1200. As my friend put it: "£2600 for a windscreen?! My BMW isn't worth £2600!"

- Toffe
somewhere in a dark room an actuary has sat down and calculated that seeting an internal limit on glass breakage will not affect enough claims so that ordinary customers will notice, get upset and change policies, but WILL catch enough claims like yours to allow them to reduce premiums enough to give a competitive advantage over other insurers who don't have the limit.

think about what it costs to replace the windshield on a Gallardo or the rear glass on a 599.
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