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Brilliant, thanks.

Some random thoughts:

My favourite quote:

'It might lack the gor-blimey of a 250 Lusso, but the 3500GT's demure elegance enraptures'

Take me back Brittannia, all is forgiven :wink:

During the comparison between the 3500GT and the predecessor of he current 4200 coupe GT, the 3200, the following is stated

"It does not matter what you throw at it-hairpins, heavily ruted lanes-maserati's great white hope tackles everything with almost nonchalant ease. On entering a corner, tun in is immaculate, whith barely perceptile roll, while the ride is beyond smooth. "

I find this hard to square with the criticisms that the current coupes and spiders have generated over the last couple of years. Did the 4200 regress from the 3200, or did the journos just not give it the time of day?

Oh well........ just very desirable cars, all of them, IMHO.

Thx again.

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I exault you with much deserved praise for sharing your web site with us. Kudos to you! Great pics and lot's of fun. Too bad for me that I only speak in english. I was looking for some tips at the driving school.

'04 Masrati Coupe (makes me smile)
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