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So here's the deal - I have spec'd and ordered a gransport and a 997s. the gransport will be here in about 5 weeks but the 997s will be here in about 2 weeks.

I was unsure which one I wanted when I ordered (which is why I ordered both - fully refundable deposits), and over the last 2 months have pretty much decided I like the gransport better (I like the design, the bigger back seat, and it's more fun to drive in my mind).

The one hang up I have on the gransport is the uncertainty of reliability. This will be an everyday car, so reliability is very important. Of course when I explained my position to the porsche dealer, he started telling me that italian cars and the maserati don't have good reliability.

I'm interested in any feedback, good and bad, regarding reliability of the maserati. Can I trust this car to be a daily driver? Thanks.
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