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Let me tell you about my personal experiences with both Porsche and Maserati:

Porsche 911 GT3 (2004) - owned for 7 months/1850 miles

1) the suspension developed a significant rattle when traveling over significant imperfections in the road (not really potholes per se, just rough road). Took it back to the dealer who stated that the adjustable suspension bolts had loosened and were tightened. The car developed the same problem about 1-2 months later and the bolts were again retightened.

2) The ABS sensor "idiot" light on the dashboard lit up unexpectedly on startup. At this point the car had probably 800-1000 miles at the 2 month mark. Took the car to the dealer and they found that the sensor was faulty and it was replaced.

3) The car developed signigicant rattling of some of the plastic components when traveling over rough roads. Understand, the suspension is quite firm in the GT3, much more firm than in the stock 911 (and much more firm than even the Gransport in Sport mode, now that I have had a chance to test drive the Gransport). I took it back to the dealer who made some adjustments, however the rattles remained.

Maserati Spyder CC (2004) - owned for 5 months/2800 miles

1) Service engine light came on unexpectedly at roughly 2 months/700 miles. Took it in to service and was told that the sensor on the gas tank cover was faulty. Replaced without further incident. At the time, there was also a new software update for the CC, and this was performed.

2) Noticed some smoke(!) coming from the engine bay after spirited driving at roughly 3 months/1600 miles. Took the car to the service department and the reported some tape had come loose on some of the tubing and was resting against the exhaust system, resulting in burning at high engine temps. Replaced without further incident.

3) I have noticed some mild rattling of the interior in the cold weather, but much more mild than in the GT3. Some of the rattling does come from the convertible top, which should not be a problem in the Gransport.

Hope that helps somewhat. I personally have not noticed a significant difference in quality between Porsche and Maserati, albeit with an admittedly small sample size.
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