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Drive By Wire Enhancement Module for Quattroporte Installed at Borelli Motor Sports in San Jose

The Formula Dynamics Drive By Wire Enhancement Module optimizes your Maserati's Drive By Wire System to be the source of improved performance and response, compared to the factory programming. Today's Drive By Wire systems for Maserati's are designed with the luxury motorist in mind. For example, the vehicle is engineered to produce the smoothest, most predictable response and requires you to push the pedal to the floor in order to get it to respond in a true Sports Car fashion. Still at that moment, it may take a number of seconds at Wide Open Throttle to answer back with full power.

Formula Dynamics Drive By Wire Enhancement Module (DBWEM)
In contrast, Formula Dynamics DBWEM has been developed with the performance driver in mind to produce a substantial increase in vehicle response and performance under every circumstance. Typical effects of Formula Dynamics DBWEM are an immediate boost in throttle response, low end torque & power delivery, improved gear choice as well as shifting speed…and that’s why Borelli Motor Sports loves this product and had a great time installing it. It truly is a great product, and for that we thank Formula Dynamics!

Scott Riechers, Borelli Motor Sports' Chief Mechanic and installer of this kit says, " I have had the pleasure of driving many Maserati's over the years, I have always loved these cars, and with this updated kit by Formula Dynamics, I love these cars even more. This kit makes the car shift like a car should shift, there is no lag, it shifts at a beautifully responsive cadence".

These improvements were achieved by means of reprogramming the factory systems to, as said by Formula Dynamics always, “Prepare for War" with a much more aggressive tune. This means that you’re able to engage the highest performance modes of the vehicle with regards to the systems that respond to driver input. Benefits of this approach are that your car is always “armed and ready” for the moment you want to feed a little power to your ride. The DBWEM will allow your Quattroporte's Transmission to respond with a great deal more power and authority than the factory settings provide, and this is yet another reason why Borelli Motor Sports and Borelli Motor sports’ Chief Mechanic Scott Riechers loves this product, and had a great time installing it.

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