Collection of Ferrari & Maserati Parts, Literature, Manuals, and various diecast and model cars. These are items I've accumulated over the years, but I'm an old man now and everything must go! Selling everything as a package deal - local pick up only. Please let me know if you have any questions, and Thank You for looking.

1) Ferrari parts (TR Air Pump & plumbing, exhaust system bolts, springs, nuts, various hose clamps)
2) Maserati interior parts (arm rest, window switch, steering column shroud & frame, owner's manual)
3) Original Ferrari Dealership Display - diagram of Testarossa 12 cylinder engine oiling system
4) Complete set of aftermarket Ferrari Lug Bolts (chrome plated - fits many Ferrari cars)
5) Ferrari Testarossa Shop Manual (US Version reprint) with working notes added from actually servicing these cars.
6) Ferrari Testarossa Parts Book (US Version reprint)
7) Ferrari Testarossa Wiring Manual (Ferrari original printing)
8) Ferrari Testarossa brochure (original in excellent condition)
8) Bosch KE Jetronic Fuel Injection Manual
9) Original CAD drawing of Testarossa Center-lock Wheel (large drawing on Mylar)
10) Original CAD drawings of Testarossa center-lock wheel spline adaptor and related items
11) Cast Iron tiles of Ferrari Prancing Horse
12) Ferrari watch (new)
13) Testarossa phone
14) F-40 Phone
15) Ferrari books, including very rare GB Progetti publication regarding development of the
16) F-355 Spyder 1:18 Hot Wheels
17) Mondial 1:18 Hot Wheels
18) F-50 Millennial Edition Hot Wheels
19) F512 TR 1:18 by Mira (rare)
20) 612 Scaglietti 1;18 Hot Wheels
21) F550 Maranello 1:18 Hot Wheels
22) F550 Spyder 1:18 Hot Wheels
23) F456 GT 1:18 Hot Wheels
24) F348 Targa 1:18 by Maisto
25) 333SP 1:18 by Hot Wheels
26) F456 1:18 by Hot Wheels (needs repairs)
27) F360 Modena (1:43 scale) Hot Wheels
28) Testarossa (1:43 scale) Hot Wheels
29) F-1 Car (1:24 scale) with CD ROM
30) Barbie Ferrari 360 Spyder (1:8 scale)
31) Ferrari F430 RC Car - 2 of these (1:8 scale, with remote control & battery charger)
32) Lego Ferrari F430 (new)
33) Ferrari 1:43 Scale Slot Car Race set
34) Ferrari Testarossa model kit 1:12 scale Monogram