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Hi guys,

since my QP5 S is sold, I am selling some spare parts I've mounted over the time. Here you can buy the beautiful concave Sport GTS Grill. It will fit on any facelift QP5 (2008-2013) - Dealers might tell you it won't, but it does.

This grill comes including PDC sensor holders which you will need if you are changing from the standard or S grill (the holders on these grills won't fit). Don't worry if your car doesn't have a front PDC, in this case just let go of the holders.

The grill was bought end of April 2018 (invoice is included) and was mounted for less than 1.000km / 600mls, so I can honestly say it is as good as new. No scratches or anything (some dead insects might be on it, though). It comes in the original Maserati box.

The price in Germany was 871 EUR / 1.000 USD for the grill plus 80 EUR / 92 USD for the PDC holders. Given its perfect condition my price is 650 EUR / 750 USD plus shipping costs.

The beautiful QP front looks so much better with this grill!

Best from Germany,


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