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Maserati MC20

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A nice touch... and really good to get some news from Modena!
I am sure the final car will be fantastic :)
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I don‘t care if anyone produces a 1,000 or 1,500 or 2,000 + HP and torque engine , and how beautiful the car may be, I’ll never buy or drive a 6 cyl. car unless it’s some sedan I use for family trips, or errands. They can’t produce a decent sound regardless of the exhaust system and the turbos make it even more pathetic. Furthermore, the way 6 cyl engines rev is so boring ( aka smooth ) I have no words to describe my disdain for the feel of it. Completely lacking any “soul“ .. almost as bad as an electric engine . Ok not quite as bad, 😒 but what good is it if the car goes 0-60 in 2.5 sec. or even pulls off a sub-10 sec. Q mile if it doesn’t inspire you ? I’d rather drive a 4 cyl ! ( seriously ). And I’ve owned, as well as driven quite a few 6 cyl cars, both N/A engines and turbos, and a couple of newer twin turbos, and was left completely unimpressed by all of them. ( other than the looks of the Merak 👍 but again, the engine itself was benign compared to just about any 8 cyl cars at the time ). Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll go to my grave driving only 8 cyl engines..or 12s.. or even 4s...I guess I can be categorized as a never six-er“ .
IMO it’s a crime to put a 6 cyl engine in Maserati , or a Ferrari, or a McLaren, or a Corvette.., leave those in Porsches or put them in Nissans or BMWs or Jaguars ..
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Historically though, both inline 6 and V6 engines have been important in many top marques - including Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati, and Rolls Royce - and the list of significant cars with 6 cylinder engines is very long.
Very true. An interesting history, and the evolution of the 6 cyl engine has arguably outpaced the development of the 4, 8 or 12s over the last few decades, with remarkable transformations, which will likely continue to increase its significance in top marques cars.
That said, it’s a subjective issue, much like electric motors, and to me the 6 cyl. in any form, does nothing to compel driving or owning one ( in a sports car, or a sporty grand touring automobile ). But I’d buy a sedan or an SUV with a twin turbo 6 without a second thought .
Looks like a Ferrari F 8 . WHY, what’s the point ? I’d rather buy a two or three year old Ferrari than this “copy cat” design any day, any time .. IMO .
I dunno.. maybe when the camouflage comes off, and the artists renderings are proven to be little more than just imaginary, it’ll change my view, but I called it a copy cat because historically Maserati always had a distinct look, set aside a very few and slight similarities to some Ferraris of the same era in the 50s and 60s., whereas this one looks to me like they just took the body of an F8 and mounted it on. Hopefully, I’ll be pleasantly surprised and it’ll be distinctly Maserati , not just a Ferrari wannabe with a trident emblem on it .
Leaving the body lines aside, and addressing the new engine : no doubt it’s an extraordinary power plant , BUT ... Aston Martin is producing cars with V12 engines this year , Ferrari is producing cars with V12s, as are BMW and Mercedes ..among others . Why the heck would Maserati even think of a V6 ?! Fuel economy ? Anyone who buys a Maserati with one of the major considerations being economy should rethink the brand, IMO. Twin turbo V8 ( at the very minimum ) is what should be in any Maserati , and especially in the MC20 , Actually, I’d love to see a V12 in there and any other Maseratis; I would definitely consider buying another one ( two or so years later after the market value plunges ;) ), IF I was in the market for another car that is ..
But thats just me, I’m also anti electric and anti hybrid power plants in any cars. Maybe ok for 4 door sedans and SUVs . Otherwise, the more cylinders, the more petrol , the better .. and less technology ! And a real transmission with a stick shift !! The new Aston Martin will have that option. That could be my next car ; sports cars should not come with paddle shifters, no matter how much faster they are . For me it’s missing a huge fun factor of driving a car . Grumpy old man rant over ;) :LOL:
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Wait, what ?? It has gull wing doors, or are you saying it’d be great if it did ? I’d love to see gull wing doors on the MC20..that might even offset my disdain of V6 engines ..
I presume the rear window louvers ( aka louvres ) are removable ?:unsure:
Is there any reason why the MC20 convertible couldn‘t have the same doors design ? I know absolutely nothing about structural engineering, so just trying to figure out if it would only require a fairly standard built modification, as is the case with any regular doors convertible, or a major change which would add a much heftier price tag to the model .
I only recall seeing coupes with “unconventional“ doors, although there may be convertibles out there with them, it’s just that none come to mind at the moment.. 🤔 ..
Hopefully just a delay .
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I really like GT races and just about all the car brands participating.. having a Maserati MC there would be heart-warming and pride-instilling.
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Excellent review, great reading , thanks for sharing !
Evo magazine likes it too...: Maserati MC20 2022 review – is this a Ferrari killer? | Evo
... even down to its sound: "Any notion that the MC20 is going to be as smoothly rounded as a pebble on a beach are shattered when the V6 fires into life. It’s not a typically anodyne V6 burr, but deep chested, snarly and only just on the right side of raucous. Initially, that seems at odds with the rest of the car, because the MC20 is outstandingly comfortable and refined."...
Hmm.. someone at Evo got bribed to write that .. yes, maybe great sound for a V6 ( by comparison to what’s out there in six cyl turbo cars to date ) but “ deep chested, snarly and just on the side of raucous “ ?!
I’ll believe that when I hear it. :sneaky:
Old post but I just read the article re Novitec’s power boost upgrade :

“ Novitec increases the output by 80 hp (60 kW) and 64 lb-ft (88 Nm), bringing the total to 711 hp (523 kW) and 603 lb-ft (818 Nm). The extra oomph cuts 0.1 seconds off its 0-62 time, dropping it to 2.8 seconds. The supercar’s top speed also increases from 201 mph (323 kph) to more than 202 mph (325 kph). “

Seriously ?! Even if all you do is race the car competitively, getting that extra 0.1 sec. off the line ( which can easily be offset by a non-professional driver ) and the ( laughable ) 1 more mph at the top speed is hardly worth the expense, IMO . Why bother ? Bragging rights that you have 711 hp..which make almost no difference ..? 😕
I agree. But, surely all that extra power must translate to a bigger difference in performance. Seems like Novitec is being overly conservative about figures.
That‘s what I would have expected also .. maybe the mid range acceleration is where the extra power makes a bigger difference; say, peak torque kicking in at a lower rpm range than stock and sustained a little longer :unsure: .. but advertising the negligible 1/10 of a second and a 1 mph difference was just useless IMO .. now, the Novitech supercharger they had for the Granturismo was impressive, but that was an expensive set up, I suspect this “tune up“ mod is not nearly as much ..
Yes, looks great, but do not expect that sound out of a street car . I’d bet it has no exhaust system beyond the headers ..;):cool:
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