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Maserati MC20

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A nice touch... and really good to get some news from Modena!
I am sure the final car will be fantastic :)
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But, still only a render.... I think the final car will be even prettier :)
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The forthcoming Alfieri/GranTurismo render (photo #6) is also very interesting.
Likely to be used in the hybrid Ghibli that will be presented very soon. I would expect a dual-clutch transmission for the MC20.
Likely to be used in the hybrid Ghibli that will be presented very soon. I would expect a dual-clutch transmission for the MC20.
But, of course, perhaps also in the hybrid version of the MC20?
The message so far has been that the ICE version of the MC20 will be presented first (in September), followed by hybrid and EV versions.
Specs of the new engine are revealed:

Looks like a proper engine and promises to perform like one too!
The chief engineer describes:
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I don‘t care if anyone produces a 1,000 or 1,500 or 2,000 + HP and torque engine , and how beautiful the car may be, I’ll never buy or drive a 6 cyl. car unless it’s some sedan I use for family trips, or errands. They can’t produce a decent sound regardless of the exhaust system and the turbos make it even more pathetic. AbI’ve all, the way 6 cyl engines rev is so boring ( aka smooth ) I have no words to describe my disdain for the feel of it Completely lacking any “soul “, and almost as bad as an electric engine . What good is it if the car goes 0-60 in 2.5 sec. or even pulls off a sub-10 sec. Q mile if it doesn’t inspire you ? I’d rather drive a 4 cyl ! And I’ve owned, as well as driven quite a few 6 cyl cars, both N/A engines and turbos, and a couple of newer twin turbos, and was left completely unimpressed by all of them. ( other than the looks of the Merak 👍 but again, the engine was benign compared to just about any 8 cyl cars at the time ). Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll go to my grave driving only 8 cyl engines..or 12s.. or even 4s, so I can be categorized as a “ never six-er“ .
IMO it’s a crime to put a 6 cyl engine in Maserati , or a Ferrari, or a McLaren, or a Corvette.., leave those in Porsches or put them in Nissans or BMWs or Jaguars ..
Fair enough. Our engine preferences obviously differ as I see it differently. I am not generally against 6 cylinder engines, and even quite like some of them (including the V6 in the Merak, obviously 😀).

Historically though, both inline 6 and V6 engines have been important in many top marques - including Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati, and Rolls Royce - and the list of significant cars with 6 cylinder engines is very long.
New photos of camouflaged MC20. Looks awesome!
Looks like a Ferrari F 8 . WHY, what’s the point ? I’d rather buy a two or three year old Ferrari than this “copy cat” design any day, any time .. IMO .
The car has a 2-seats mid-engine configuration, but I do not see why that would make it a "copy cat". Surely, Ferrari does not have a monopoly on such a configuration?! I am quite sure the car will be a stunner and quite distinctly Maserati.
It has (with 99 percent probability).

And Dallara was involved in the development, this will be a seriously fast racing car.
I didn't knew Dallara has been involved. Do you have a source on that information? Thanks.
... a leak before the official unveiling :): Breaking news: here is finally the all-new Maserati MC20!
The car looks stunning, and the configurator is already up ;): Build Your Own - Maserati USA
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I think the MC20 is the model that Maserati definitely should have had in its portfolio for some time, alongside GTs and executive cars. Great it has finally arrived.

I am extremely happy to see that Maserati has developed a car with a good mix of innovation, performance, and elegance, which is very much in tune with the brand's values and history. The final product is unmistakably a Maserati. I hope it sells well, and see no reason why it should not.

It is also important that Maserati keeps its racing promise, and presents a racing version soon.
I presume the rear window louvers ( aka louvres ) are removable ?:unsure:
That's a good question, Dan. I think they are part of the overall engine cover structure and hence fixed (of course, one could open it, but in one piece), but I am sure Maserati would accommodate special solutions within its new Fuoriserie program: Maserati - FuoriSerie, il programma di personalizzazione del Tridente
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Today in Temploux ( Belgium ) , during the "Journée Famiglia Tridente" (Trident Family Day).

View attachment 133904

View attachment 133905
How would you describe it 'in person'?
Did they fire up the engine?
I am not at all convinced "amateurs would prefer a more discreet sports car" ; probably rather the opposite :unsure: ;) ,... but I certainly see the lure of the MC20's design. It is very exquisitely elegant, yet a full blown sports car.
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I really hope this is not true. Maserati must develop a racing version of the MC20:
Hopefully just a delay .
I hope so too.
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