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I am now the proud owner of my first Maserati (03 Cambiocorsa) so am inexperienced in some of the 'quirks' of my new toy. Specifically I dont know whether I am getting the prelude to a breakdown or part failure or whether this is normal behaviour for a Maserati.

Basically, I have noticed a 'clunk clunk' noise on gear change. It is most noticeable when the car changes itself down to first. There is only a single 'clunk' if you shift into neutral. It is quite a dull noise and not really loud or metallic (not a grinding sound) and it is not continuous. It is difficult to tell where it comes from but I would guess where the gear shift would be on a manual. I have read so much on this forum about clutches and F1 pumps so I wonder whether this is indicative of wear and imminent failure of one of these? The car has done 14,000 miles and I have no reason to believe it was driven particularly hard.

I have also noticed that when pulling away from standing the car starts accelerating off then there is a sudden surge of power (rather like turbo lag). Is this normal or another sign of clutch wear?

Of course I could just be being uber sensitive.
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