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Sounds like my 03 Spyder. The clunking is the gear shifting. As you get more comfortable with the CC the clunks will get softer. Just like working a clutch, you have to learn how to modulate the throttle level and speed at which you shift. The one that remains pretty noticeable is the downshift into first at stop signs. Anyway, as long as it isn't a loud or grinding type of noise, it appears normal.
The other behavior is the MSP working. With MSP on, the car ensures that the wheels don't slip. You feel this most in two situations:
- When aggressively accelerating from a dead stop, as the MSP computer decides, after some delay, that it can begin transferring power to the wheels
- When coming out of an aggressive curve, where you might have been drifting a little bit. There will be a noticeable lag while the computer again waits until all the wheels are going the same speed, with no slip, before applying power.
Overall, I think what you are experiencing is probably normal.
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