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Hey guys,

I decided to just post here, as to let the "active" ML GranTurismo owners get the first shot.

I was talking to Jeff about a week ago and he said that one of the people who had put in an order for Larini's new GranTurismo exhaust system during the group buy backed out of the deal.

For this reason, Jeff said that he has ONE extra GT sports exhaust... and he is willing to sell it at the group buy price.

The price before the group buy was $4600 I believe, and the Larini price increase will bring it up to close to $5000.

The group buy price is $3600...

One thing to note is that aside from giving the GT a much needed boost in performance and a more sporty exhaust note... if in fact you choose to sell your GT (or give it back after the lease) you can actually SELL the exhaust system to another Maserati owner...

Since you are getting it at a heavy discount, you will most likely get your money back... or ever make a bit on it :D

If you are interested, just shoot me a PM or reply to this thread... there is only one though, so I have no control...

Your friendly moderator,

PS- I think I should clarify that I'm not making any money off the Larini exhausts being sold, etc... so take my post as an unbiased advertisment (huh?)
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