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This instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 device to reset service light for Maserati Granturismo M145 2012.

What You Need?

Launch X431 V+


1.Park the vehicle on a level surface. The installed sensor is very sensitive to the tilt of the vehicle, otherwise an incorrect measurement error will be displayed because the vehicle is not level.

2.The gear selector must be in P position.

3.After the engine runs, wait 10 minutes for making various vehicle operating indexes stable. After this time, the used individual sensor signal will give out the correct output.

Operating Instructions:

1.Turn the ignition to ON;

2.Select Europe;

3.Select the Maserati V10.03;

4.Select the GRANTURISMO model;

5.Select the M145;

6.Select the Gasoline;

7.Select the System Scan;

8.Select the Marelli Instrument Cluster;

9.Read out the ECU ID, and select Confirm;

10.Select the Special Function;

11.Select the Service Info Reset;

12.Pay attention to the reset service hints to ensure the date on the instrument cluster is set correctly;

13.After confirmed, it indicates “Procedure completed”, then the operation ended.


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I know why I don't use Launch..I don't have time for all that BS...Autel or Leo resets the stuff in like 1 minute...J
I hear you Jason but Leonardo diagnostic system at $20 000+ vs Launch X-431 at $3300 (which I think is expensive) to reset service light and gather some basic information? What would you recommend in the DIY price bracket for us on this site?
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