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Maserati GranSport MC Victory

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I found this article online. Very cool looking and special edition GranSport. Not sure if there are plans to bring it to the United States.

The Maserati GranSport MC Victory
Just 180 uniquely numbered units to be produced

To mark its 2005 FIA GT Manufacturers’ Cup victory, Maserati will launch a limited edition version of the acclaimed GranSport GT car at Geneva. The car will be available to order from May.

As well as boasting more optional equipment as standard than the Maserati GranSport from which it derives, the new Maserati GranSport MC Victory offers a variety of new features that link it to the Maserati MC12.

Externally, the Maserati GranSport MC Victory is immediately recognizable for its aerodynamic, blue carbon front and rear spoilers and for the Italian flag embedded in the side panels, another feature taken from the MC12.

The front splitter of the Maserati GranSport MC Victory was redesigned to guarantee more air load at high speeds with the addition of the two lateral aerodynamic profiles and larger size. The Maserati GranSport MC Victory also benefits from more direct and precise steering and improved stability at high speeds, the same characteristics as the Maserati MC12.

Inside, the carbon elements mimic the exterior by being made from blue carbon. This is coupled with a selection of leathers and Alcantara trim, used on the upper dashboard, the door panels, in the central part of the racing carbon seats to emphasize the sporty look and on the steering wheel for grip.

The company is sure that from inside the cockpit "each and every driver will be able to experience the same exhilaration as the racing drivers of the Maserati MC12".

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Maserati SpA


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good find. the flag is a nice touch. the front splitter looks racy but a little tacky as well.

but, Another Spin-off?

i really have serious questions about maserati's product planning. why do they introduce a variant in spring of a model year?
if this car is to be ordered from May, would it be a 06 or 07 model?
the italians should know most manufacturers are moving earlier and earlier in MY designations. To put out a new car for the customer in summer is very poor planning. (imagine spending $100k on a 06 GS MCV in summer when your average neighbor down the road is already driving their 07 whatever (S class may be)).

as well, how is their marketing people effectively communicating with the customers? certainly there are leaks and spy photos and gossips, but i find out about the (strip down) Coupe, SuperSport (or whatever it is), and this GS MCV on this very informative forum.

what i want to say is, they should have planned these models before the dealers and customers order their 2006's back in Fall 2005. They are pissing off many existing customers, and really, not drawing existing customers back. Most definitely, if anyone ordered a "standard" 2006 GS they would certainly be pissed.
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i calm down a little and found they have the info on the news section on i guess they wouldnt know they would win until they actually did, and as well they need something new to show at the major auto shows.

seriously, if they have a Supersport coming in 2007, those who spend $100k+ on the MC Victory's will be pissed.

on the same line, some of the 90+90 (180) 90th anniversary spyders are still available new at the dealers. why would they think they can sell 180 GS MCV when the coupe is aging, and its competitors are all brand new and particularly strong in 2006, including new 997 CS, new V8 Vantage, and new M6?
'haha’, i agree with you. i doubt current GS owners will want a GS MCV. the current Coupe owners walk in, wanting a GS MCV now, and find out the resale of his coupe is worth....

crotty, that is exactly what i was referring to.
Those exclusive 180 buyers "who will want the last "best" iteration of the GranSport coupe" will be those 180 who will be extremely pissed a few months after the rumored Supersport is released. (this is based on the assumption that the unconfirmed/unannounced Supersport is THE "best" iteration of the GS).

good marketing poly? they win a battle in getting the sales figure, but they lost the faith of the troops (who support the brand).
a little OT: interesting someone mentioned Superamerica.
Just read that the varioroof (or whatever it is called) has transcended into another FIAT....
in a Punto CC "design study"

if the technology is ready for mass production in a low end automobile, chances are, the next coupe/spyder may sport something like this.
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