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I have a 2014 Maserati Ghibli SQ4 and 33k miles,when i start my car i am getting unusual noise from engine.
I am posting video link, Can anyone provide suggestions about what could be the problem.

Recently I got check engine for piston misfire for cylinder 1 and 4, My dealer suggested to clear the codes and drive normally until the check engine popup again.

Check engine popup again but this time its coolant temperature issue, my engine is overheating, coolant high temperature issue happend 1 week after piston misfire check engine.

I gave my car for diagnosis dealer mentioned that they didnt get any issues for piston misfire this time and they provide me the estimation for 2250$ including labour for coolant temperature issue.i am attaching the check engine code screenshots and the dealer estimate.

As I had lots of issues with car couple of months back they are taken care from the same dealer which is under warrenty period.after they repair my vehicle with so many issues I thought I wont get problem again, With in 2 months after my car repaired I got these check engines one after another in a week span and with 33k miles.So,I requested dealer to reach out to maserati if they can do it with warrenty,As expected they refused to do.

I have a doubt that this engine sound is any kind of sign for any of these problems. If so I will go under warrenty as i mentioned this issue with in the warrenty period.

Please provide your suggestions.



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It looks like the check engine light popped on again because the car blew a cooling hose...They simply cleared it a week ago and now you have another issue..There are a lot of things that can make a check engine light come on...If you had the car back 2 months and it had been fine then I would not think it is the same issue.. I don't really see anything that the dealer did wrong...sorry...Jason
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